Interim Management

When should you hire an interim manager?

  • To ensure the continuity of the company in case of prolonged absences or departure of current staff.
  • To temporarily hire expertise and resources to carry out optimizations with a direct impact on EBIT.

Check first:

  • Is a replacement really necessary?
  • Are the competencies present internally?
  • Could the tasks be filled in a different way?
  • Is there a budget available for a replacement?

Have you answered "yes" 4 times, then the answer is clear.

Also ask yourself what happens if you don't make a replacement and what is the impact on your result?

Thanks to our broad partner network, Companydoctor can help you find the right interim manager for both part-time and full-time positions, and in a wide range of disciplines including procurement, marketing, finance, digital and IT.

Our motto is: "the right person in the right place"; both in terms of skills, as well as a personal and cultural match.

Thanks to our experts in the various fields,

we can offer you a total solution tailored to your needs.


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